Prizmhaus December Roundup


 It's been a couple weeks since I've started contributing to and so far there have been a lot of great tunes featured, actually more that I thought.  So, instead of posting each song separately it makes sense to do a monthly round up of my Prizmhaus picks. 

Here's December's:

Disco Nausea vol. 1


I thought it was about time to put up some mixes, so I've decided to upload them as a continuous series called "Disco Nausea".  

Why? Not because the music is bad, but because a LOT of the music I love is, of course, disco based but also because its a bit off kilter, imperfect, or slightly odd which I think makes it more interesting and fun!  


Disco Nausea Mixtape Vol. 1 - (mostly) the 80's Track list:

1) K.I.D- Don't Stop

2)David August- On My Mind (original mix)

3)Gino Soccio- Try it out

4)Kasso- Walkman

5)Motion- You and I

6)Vanity 6- If a Girl Answers (Don't hang up)

7)Hot Streak- Body Work

8)Reall Juice- Complicated Situation (Dub)

9)Ris- Love-N-Music (Cub mix)

10)Rhetta Huges- Angel Man (instrumental)

11)Willesden Dodgers- Gunsmoke Breakout

12)Mr. Flagio- Take A Chance




Prizmhaus X Teletxxt


It's official!  I've signed on as a contributor for, an exciting new L.A. based music blog that specializes in Nudisco, Indie dance, Funk and Electro to bring you even more music picks!  Because, lets face, it 5 tunes a month is just not enough, especially since there's been so much great stuff on Soundcloud lately.

Talking tech with Brent Kallmer of Bluewater VST

If you're into music production and haven't visited, Brent Kallmer's Bluewater VST is definitely worth checking out.  Its a treasure trove of tutorials for Native Instruments' Reaktor and other VSTs. 


Before finding it I had owned Reaktor for nearly a year and was still confused about how many of it's ensembles worked,  after discovering the "Limelight" sequencer I decided to poke around youtube for some more info and quickly realized there weren't very many videos about how to actually use the ensembles them selves.  Luckily, I eventually stumbled on to Bluewater VST and seriously spent an entire long weekend just watching the tutorial videos, there is SO much great information on there.  Anyways it really changed my work flow and opened up a whole new world of creative production possibilities.


Now, in addition to videos and blog posts Brent has started releasing podcast interviews with various producers discussing workflow, using Reaktor and more!

A couple weeks ago we did one and it's out now, you can check it out here:

Fav songs for November!

Since Its almost December I though I'd better get it together and make a November song list, so here it is:

1) Angela- Gotta Little Love

From '84 around the peak of great Italo disco (even though it's from Germany) this tune kills it.  Everything about this is just awesome.

2) Heidi Happy- Dance With Another

Yet another Great artist from the Swiss imprint Little Jig Records.  This song is fab and the video is really cute, they look like they're having so much fun.

3) Dum Dum Girls- Lost Boys and Girls Club

More indie rock, This time from the Dum Dum girls.  I love it because it reminds me of the stuff I used to listen to in junior high.  Im really excited to visit Sub Pop's pop up shop in Seattle next weekend!  

4) Josh Benzin- Gimme Some of You

Just discovered Josh Benzin on soundcloud this week, super creative, fun 80's inspired floor fillers.  Definitely some of the best new dance music I've heard in a while.

5) Heaven 17- Penthouse and Pavement

The bass hook in this kills me, love Heaven 17 they are just stellar songwriters.

A music upload a week for a year... can it be done?

Over the past week or so I've resolved to upload something to sound cloud every week for an entire year starting now.  Whether it be a dj mix, an original track, remix, edit or mash up, there will be something new on my sound cloud by Sunday 11pm Mountain time every week. 



You might be wondering why I've decided to do this, the first reason is really just to see if I can.  Secondly, Im REALLY bad at finishing things because, as a perfectionist, I will keep changing and tweaking things forever.  If I wait for a song to be 'perfect' before I put it out there (especially if there is no deadline to work on), its going to stay on my hard drive forever.  So, by uploading stuff  weekly regardless of whether its done problem solved!

Yay! The Rykka Blackie Remixes EP is up on itunes

Click on the photo to get to the itunes link

Click on the photo to get to the itunes link

The last few months I have had a ton of fun with remixes, it's great to be able to collabourate with other artists.  Im really exited to have a recent remix I did included on Rykka's remix ep for her fabulous single "Blackie".

This is the first time any thing I've done has been released on a label so Im pretty excited about it.  Thanks to Rykka and Little Jig Records for such an awseome oppertunity!


5 Tunes I can't stop listening to this month

In no particular order:

#1- Explorer- Enjaw J

Chill, left field disco by Tony Carey this song is absolute perfection!

#2- Kano- Now Baby Now

A lesser known early cut from Italo disco mainstay Kano (not the rapper).  Super funky, it has everything vocoder, fun bass, and spacey synths.

#3- Ganymed- It Takes Me Higher

It seems like in the early 80's there were a lot of live disco acts in Europe who dressed up in these strange "space alien" type costumes (e.g. Rockets, The Pink Project etc.). This video is from the Austrian/German outfit Ganymed.  Yes the video is ridiculously cheesy but this tune is solid!

#4- Moullinex- Catalina

Moullinex put this out back in 2011 on Gomma records (which is a top label btw) but it's new to me.  The production and everything else about this is amazing.

#5 - The Zebras- For Your Love



This funky disco/rock hybrid from The Zebras could possibly be the sexiest jam ever.

Hello World


 Hi, thanks for tuning in!  Ive been making songs and not finishing them or sending them straight to the trash bin for hmmm… I dunno about 10 years but last spring I decided to pull my socks up and make a concerted effort to not do that anymore, and so Teletexxt was born. 


The name comes from an old, obsolete television system in the UK (actually spelled Teletext).  I chose because the name because, firstly, I have a soft spot for old analog technology, and also because teletexxt sound is indie dance/nu disco/deep house that heavily influenced by late 70's/early 80's genres like Italo disco, and new wave. 


The ultimate goal is to incorporate graphics somewhere down the road and have the project be a fully A/V experience.  Anyway, there is a lot more to come, I will be posting tons of interesting music here as well as other (hopefully) entertaining bits and pieces so watch this space.